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Cougar Management Guidelines
by Beck, Beecham, Beier, Hofstra, Hornocker, Lindzey, Logan, Pierce, Quigley, Ross, Shaw, Sparrowe & Torres

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In Cougar Management Guidelines, thirteen cougar biologists and wildlife managers, with over 200 years of cumulative experience, have collaborated to assist wildlife agencies in dealing with the many challenges they face in managing this complex carnivore. Changing public attitudes, human population growth, and the inherent difficulties in monitoring species, have presented numerous challenges to agencies who deal with the many uncertainties in maintaining viable cougar populations. This book represents an exhaustive three-year analysis and provides essential information into what is known about cougar biology, the reliability of different cougar management methodologies, and strategies for dealing with cougar/human interactions. The authors go on to present a series of recommendations that can translate into science-driven management programs. The guidelines throughout the book emphasize an adaptive management and large landscape approach, and acknowledge that the full array of human values from diverse stakeholders must be considered when managing this species. Specifically geared to wildlife managers, Cougar Management Guidelines will also be extremely useful to anyone who is interested in the management and conservation of this large carnivore—including field biologists, wildlife commissioners, private organizations, and the general public.

Chapters in the book address:

  • Historical perspective on cougar management and policies
  • Conserving large landscapes for habitat connectivity and population viability
  • Predator-prey relationships that address impacts of cougar predation on wild ungulates
  • Consideration of meta-population and source sink structure for defining cougar population
  • Methodologies and approaches to monitoring and assessing cougar populations
  • Depredation conflicts—strategies and protocols for identification, education, and data collection
  • Strategies to manage cougar/human conflicts
  • Research priorities

Authors: Tom Beck, John Beecham, Paul Beier, Terry Hofstra, Maurice Hornocker, Fred Lindzey, Kenneth Logan, Becky Pierce, Howard Quigley, Ian Ross, Harley Shaw, Rollin Sparrowe, Steve Torres

Cougar Management Guidelines
Cougar Management Guidelines Working Group
Publisher: WildFutures, Bainbridge Island
Library of Congress Control Number: 2005928358
ISBN: 0-9770075-0-2